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Porn for stamp collectors.


Bball done.
Jimmy jersey does magic tho.


Dear Mommy,
We’ll celebrate your special day together, soon!
Enjoy your special day!



I’ll just leave this beauty here.

Flee. Fly. Flew.

'Aim for it, Skypiercer.'


Age is but a number. (I’m still in denial that I’m getting old lol.)
Thanking my family, friends, workmates for the greetings and well wishes! This is the surprise cake I got from work. Great job by the team. And they got my Initials RD instead of ‘number candles’!


Love playing this for my elderly patients and fill the room with fantastic tunes that make em smile and bob their heads. :)


You live life at break-neck speed.
Remember to breathe.

(Photo somewhere in Rep. Of Ireland)

Circles v Lines.


I rarely take selfies. (I lied.) But this one’s a must. Rode the #Stealth twice now!

As per wiki:
‘One of Europe’s fastest rollercoasters. Prepare to be propelled from 0-80mph to 205ft in under 2 seconds and experience the same brake horse power of two Formula 1 cars.’

Survived the Detonator.
100 ft, 5.5 G-Force.

Ride or die on twisted metals with friends.


Meanwhile, in London year 2089.